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Solitair Mozarteum University

10/20/2021 8:00 PM

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  • oenm. österreichisches ensemble für neue musik


Frederick CERHA (*1926)
for ensemble (new version, 2020) 
Ying WANG (*1976)
for violin and ensemble (2019)
Johannes KALITZKE (*1959)
Angels Burnout Graffiti 
for 12 instruments and portable player (2012)
œnm . œsterreichian ensemble for new music 
Vera Klug, flute
Markus Sepperer, oboe
Theodor Burkali, clarinet
Lukas Grubinger, bassoon
Michael Krenn, saxophone
Rob van de Laar, horn
Zoran Curovic, trumpet
Stefan Konzett, trombone
Nora Skuta, piano
Karin Küstner, accordion
Manuel de Roo, electric guitar
William Overcash, violin
Olivia De Prato, violin
Jutas Jávorka, viola
Sebestyén Ludmány, violoncello
Aleksander Gabrýs, double bass
Michael Mitterlehner, percussion
Rupert Struber, percussion
Jakob Sigl, sound direction
Ilya Gringolts, violin
Johannes Kalitzke, conductor
Graffiti, murals, volatility, signs, portents, notations, transience, illegibility, instability, micrograms, fine dust, CO2, decibels, megatons, radiation, light pollution - what signs do we recognize? What fades away? What burns itself in? What can we decipher? Is it our own handwriting? How to distinguish fate and responsibility? Where are the limits? Where the limits? What do angels have to do with it? Is there still an escape? And what can music contribute, how can it help us? Is it all just a bad dream?
These questions are explored by the œnm . œsterreichisches ensemble fuer neue musik explores these questions in its concert on October 20, 2021 in Salzburg's Solitär, along works by Friedrich Cerha, Ying Wang and Johannes Kalitzke.