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Bazar Concerts (14+)

Bazar Concert:
Baroque Inspirations

Mozart Residence, Tanzmeistersaal

2/22/2022 10:00 AM

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eur 15,00/ 5,00

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For students and interested people aged 16 and older
Baroque inspirations
When we think of baroque music and the term 'counterpoint' in connection with a learned, profound style of composition, we probably immediately think of the name Johann Sebastian Bach as a master of that very style.
However, the fact that Wolfgang Amadé Mozart not only appreciated baroque music and counterpoint, but that they also became increasingly important for his work in the course of his life, is perhaps not so familiar. Students of the Augsburg Leopold Mozart Center together with Prof. Christoph Hammer and Prof. Johannes Hoyer want to bring Mozart's "heritage of the Baroque" to life in an entertainingly informative as well as artistically mediating way, also beyond the music, in a vivid and audible way.
Music by W. A. Mozart, J. S. Bach and J. E. Eberlin and others
In cooperation with the Leopold Mozart Center of the University of Augsburg
Duration 60 minutes
Translated with (free version)