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Bon voyage, Beethoven!
Amarcord Wien

Stiftung Mozartem, Villa Vicina

10/8/2020 6:30 PM h

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  • Amarcord Wien


Music by Ludwig van Beethoven such as Marcus Davy, Sebastian Gürtler a.o.
One does not become 250 every day, which is why Amarcord Wien pays tribute to Beethoven, the Viennese by choice. "Bon Voyage" is the title of the most frequently performed programme of the four bustling musicians, which is constantly changing and renewing itself. Whether classical or ethnic, serious or cheerful, melancholy or furious: the four overcome every boundary and effortlessly move from the concert hall to the pub and back. For a double occasion, as Amarcord celebrates its twenties, the programme has been expanded to include pieces by and about Beethoven. The ensemble's violinist, Sebastian Gürtler, an ingenious arranger and composer, creates something new from Beethoven's material. Also in the luggage: music by Viennese composer Marcus Davy, from crazy to melancholic, unpredictable, but always honest.
Open Doors & Bar from 5.30 pm