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Chamber Concert

Christoph Heesch

Salzburg Marionette Theatre

4/13/2021 7:30 PM h

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eur 25,00Red.10,-


  • Christoph Heesch (Violoncello)


Humus Folk Music"... There the simple music of the people, here the exalted music of the great masters? Far from it: at all times, reflected composition has needed its roots in the original musical tradition. In his suites, Bach took up a dance sequence based on the French model, the Spanish master cellist and composer Gaspar Cassadó was inspired by dances from his homeland, but also quotes Zoltán Kodály's solo sonata, which in turn grew on the humus of Hungarian folk music. And Luciano Berio drew inspiration for Sequenza XIV from the traditional music of Sri Lanka. For the young cellist Christoph Heesch, who comes from Berlin, this exciting solo programme is a matter close to his heart.


Johann Sebastian Bach 
Suite No. 5 in C minor for violoncello solo BWV 1011 
Gaspar Cassadó 
Suite for violoncello 
Luciano Berio 
Sequenza XIV for violoncello 
Zoltán Kodály 
Sonata for violoncello op. 8
Introductory discussion: 6.45 pm