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Dialogues - Concert

Lachenmann Project 1

Universität Mozarteum Solitär

11/21/2020 4:00 PM h

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eur 15,00

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  • Trio Catch


Lachenmann-Projekt 1

Trio Catch
Boglárka Pecze (clarinet)

Eva Boesch (cello)

Sun-Young Nam (piano)

Mirela Ivicevic "Car" for clarinet, violoncello and piano Johannes Maria Staud "Watermark (On The Voice of White Chalk Ii)". for clarinet, violoncello and piano Helmut Lachenmann Allegro Sostenuto for clarinet, violoncello and piano

Her chamber work Car ("Reiz", "Zauber") was composed by Mire la ivicˇevic´', born in Split, Croatia, for the trio Catch. "Women's rights are just being trampled underfoot in Croatia, it So it was a rather sad occasion behind the intention to celebrate one's own "magic" power". Watermark with its balancing acts between fragile pausing and an ecstatic outburst by Johannes Maria Staud is also dedicated to the trio Catch. And Helmut Lachenmann's Allegro sostenuto leads into a blooming jungle of sounds.