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Lachenmann Project 2:
To the 85th birthday of Helmut Lachenmann

Universität Mozarteum Solitär

11/22/2020 3:00 PM h

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  • Johannes Kalitzke (conductor)
  • Studierende und Alumni der Universität Mozarteum Salzburg sowie Musiker*innen des OENM
  • Maurycy Hartman (clarinet)
  • Richard Putz (drums)
  • Hee-Jun Han (piano)
  • Helmut Lachenmann (speaker)


Helmut Lachenmann's music formulates the utopia of unlimited openness in listening, of thinking and acting without prejudice, in short: May humanity follow. With his listening to the marginalized, on noises at the edge of the conventional sound, he has eliminated clichés, turned tastes upside down and ears like few other composers - and has still retains his humor despite all the "holy seriousness".

In cooperation with the University Mozarteum Salzburg

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