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Dialogues - Concert

Late Night 2:

Stiftung Mozarteum, Großer Saal

11/28/2020 9:30 PM h

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eur 25,00

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  • Bartolomeybittmann – Progressive Strings Vienna
  • Matthias Bartolomey (violoncello)
  • Klemens Bittmann (violin & mandola)



Bartolomeybittmann original compositions

Draw musical narrow-mindedness and love of tradition this duo in any case - BartolomeyBittmann pushes the Gates to a wonderfully atmospheric and deep listening experience and carry the audience away into a fascinating world of sound. They let their melodies flow through musical landscapes and moods, shape their pieces into eventful stories, combine the energy of rock with the elegance of chamber music, the joy of experimenting in jazz with the depth of singer-songwriting, always again on folk and do not leave the classical music unnoticed.