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Theos Composing Workshop

Oval - Die Bühne im Europark

12/18/2020 10:00 AM h

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  • Theodor Burkali (composition, clarinet)
  • Antonia Sigl (Violin)
  • Peter Sigl (violoncello)
  • Yevgenij Kobyakov (Accordion)
  • Jakob Sigl (Percussion)


Theos Composing Workshop
The way out of musical chaos
Does a composer only have music in his head?
Where do his ideas come from? 
What does him when his mind is empty?
A fairy appears, a dishwasher
suddenly starts playing, the audience
dancing - how can a
musical composition emerge?
The concerts are presented by Monika Sigl-Radauer and together with different ensembles from Salzburg.
We offer all three programs as family and Kindergarten concerts.
In cooperation with the Backpack Project DelegatedCenter City of Salzburg