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Mittendrin IV:
Up and down, up and down in the glissando!

Stiftung Mozartem, Villa Vicina

6/28/2021 10:00 AM h

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  • Doris Valtiner (concept and moderation)


The violoncello and his friends play against the summer

For children under 4 years
Concerts for the youngest and their parents
With us the small and big listeners* are always
right in the middle of the action: singing and dancing along
or sitting comfortably on cushions just listening
will be. Music should be experienced and enjoyed and
playful way the access to diverse sound worlds
It is guaranteed never to be boring, because there is so much to experience:
Always new instruments, singing, language and moving moments
add up to an extraordinary concert experience
together. The concerts are performed by Doris Valtiner with
different ensembles. Some of these programs -
We also offer me for toddler groups.
Concept and moderation Doris Valtiner
Duration approx. 50 minutes
Location Mittendrin I: Vienna Hall of the Mozarteum Foundation
In the middle of II, III and IV: "Villa Vicina", Schwarzstraße 30
In cooperation with the Orff Institute of the University Mozarteum Salzburg