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Piccolo Concert 4

Oval - Die Bühne im Europark

5/10/2022 10:45 AM

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eur 5,00

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  • Eleonora Savini (Violin, Voices, Acting)
  • Federica Vecchio (Violoncello, Vocals, Acting)
  • Pietro Gaudioso (Staging)
  • Dan Tanson (Artistic Advisor)
  • Rosamaria Francucci, Elisabetta Dagostino, Andrea (Costumes, Scenery)


Recommended for 1st - 4th grade primary school.
At first glance, Eleonora and Federica are not so easy to tell apart. But step by step, musical differences between the two musicians become apparent and often they even clash due to their different styles, preferences and characters. Although these differences seem insurmountable at first, in the end the need to make music together prevails.
With music by Heinrich I. F. Biber, Gabriel Fauré, Reinhold Glière and Mathias Spahlinger