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Play of colors
Quartetto Chagall

Stiftung Mozarteum, Villa Vicina

5/6/2021 6:30 PM h

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eur 25,00Red.10,-


  • Quartetto Chagall
  • Paolo Skabar (violin)
  • Matteo Ghione (violin)
  • Jacopo Toso (Viola)
  • Ilsu Güresçi (violoncello)


"Le Violoniste Bleu" (1947) is the title of one of Marc Chagall's most famous paintings: it is not so much the violinist blue, with bright red cheeks and purple trousers, floating through the air on an armchair, but rather the night sky and the little town, where, accompanied by colourful flowers and birds, he seems to be playing a gentle lullaby in the moonlight. The Quartetto Chagall, based in Trieste and long since awarded prestigious prizes, feels obliged to the poetic play of colours of the Russian-Jewish-French artist of the century, who himself learned to play the violin, by its choice of name alone - and proves its sensual strengths with individually iridescent music by Debussy and Piazzolla, Puccini and Glass.


Music from 
Claude Debussy, 
Astor Piazzolla, 

Giacomo Puccini and
Philip Glas


OPEN DOORS & Bar at 5.30 pm