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Mozart Week - Chamber Music

Soloists of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Stiftung Mozarteum, Großer Saal

25/01/2020 11:00h

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  • Soloists of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe



Divertimento Bb major for two oboes, two horns and two bassoons KV 270

Divertimento D major for two violins, viola, bass, oboe and two horns KV 251

Divertimento in E flat major for two oboes, two horns and two bassoons K. 252

Divertimento in D major for violin, viola, bass, bassoon and two horns consisting of March KV 290 and Divertimento KV 205

At the heart of Mozart’s œuvre for and with wind instruments are delightful divertimenti and exquisite chamber works. Soloists from the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the Berlin Akademie für Alte Musik, wind ensembles such as Les Vents Français and, in new arrangements, the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet, soloists such as Andreas Ottensamer, Radek Baborák or Mathilde Calderini demonstrate the wealth of this treasure trove. They are partnered by the Kodály, Takács and Armida Quartets, pianist Eric Le Sage, soprano Mojca Erdmann and violist Thomas Riebl – instrumental splendour on a small scale, and a solo performance by Kristian Bezuidenhout at the fortepiano.