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Youth Programme


We offer workshops for school classes and individual groups in all areas of the Mozarteum Foundation: concerts, science, museums.

If you are interested in workshops in English language please contact



Workshops in Mozart's Birthplace

Mozart’s Birthplace
Visits by arrangement


6–11 years                         Advent Calendar

Special workshop            Duration approx. 90 minutes


45-minute action-packed tour for children of the Mozart family home in Mozart’s Birthplace at Getreidegasse 9, followed by a group activity making a class advent calendar in the shape of Mozart’s Birthplace. The calendar then belongs to the class and can be taken to the school.


6–12 years          Dancing and Leaping Animals
Workshop          Duration approx. 90 minutes


Animals in everyday life, animals in music – in this workshop you will not only learn whether Mozart himself had pets, but also which animals appear in his stage works and their significance.


6–12 years         Up Close and Personal with the Piano

Workshop          Duration approx. 90 minutes


Mozart loved playing the piano. In this workshop, we open up the Mozart piano and a modern grand piano, compare the two, and learn the difference between a piano, a clavichord and a grand.



6–18 years         Dice Roll and Bowling Pins Fall

Workshop          Duration approx. 90 minutes


Games were a major part of social life in the 18th century – especially for Leopold Mozart. In this workshop you will learn interesting things about recreation, fun and games in the life of the Mozart family.


7–15 years                         Study with Mozart

English workshop            Duration approx. 90 minutes


Young students of English are given the opportunity to practise and apply their English skills in a culturally interesting environment outside the classroom. They will hear facts about Mozart and learn the English words for many objects of everyday use in Mozart’s life. This tour is interactive: the children will be invited to speak with the museum guide (an English native speaker) in English and also answer simple questions in English, while learning about Mozart. It is assumed that the children can already construct and understand simple English sentences in the present tense. This is a guided tour, not a language class.


7–15 years                         Don Giovanni and the Minuet

Workshop                          Duration approx. 90 minutes


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote a large amount of dance music in his lifetime. In this workshop, children learn the simple steps of a minuet or a contra dance and hear many stories related to Mozart, his pupils, dancing and the basics of etiquette in the 18th century.


8–12 years                         Rock Me Amadeus

Workshop                          Duration approx. 90 minutes


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a superstar in his day and is still known around the globe. But what is it that actually makes his music so catchy? An interesting instrument workshop in which we take a close look at his music and also actively play it.



13–18 years       Pure Claviature

Workshop          Duration: 9am – 12 noon


Mozart himself played them: the fortepiano, square piano, harpsichord and organ – each of these instruments has its own unique sound and particular mechanism. All of these keyboard instruments are on display in the Dance Master’s Hall of the Mozart Residence and can be heard during this workshop. In addition, there is a lot of information about their history, playing technique and construction, as well as the occasional anecdote.

Workshops in the Mozart Residence

Visits by arrangement

6–12 years         Mozart and his Violin

Guided tour       Duration approx. 90 minutes


Mozart was just 4 years old when he started learning the violin. How did young Wolfgang learn to play? Which music and instruments did his father give him? Does his violin still exist? And how does a violin work?



10–14 years                       Hair Salon-Café

Workshop                          Duration approx. 90 minutes


What did the women in Mozart’s day do in their leisure time? Easy: they met at a friend’s house for a hair salon-café, where they played games, styled their hair and drank coffee. In this workshop, participants get to feel just like the wealthy ladies of those times as they spend a pleasant hour with coffee, hairstyles and hand fans. Of course, there are also exciting stories from the life of Nannerl Mozart and her friend Katherl.

Workshops in the Audio-Visual Collection

Visits by arrangement


6–11 years          Mozart and Film

Workshop          Duration approx. 2 hours


The Mozart Audio-Visual Collection contains more than 3,700 films about Mozart and his music. A morning full of puzzles, games, films and music in the Mozart Audio-Visual Collection located at the Mozart Residence.



8–10 years         Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” – in Audio and Video

Workshop          Duration approx. 75 minutes


The Mozart Audio-Visual Collection is brimming with recordings of various productions of The Magic Flute from the past 50 years. The history, characters and dramaturgy of the opera have fascinated audiences from the very beginning. Reason enough to take a closer look at the opera and see how different the costumes, stage designs and vocal sound can be


8–10 years         Mozart’s “The Abduction from the Seraglio” – in Audio and Video

Workshop          Duration approx. 905 minutes


This workshop takes an in-depth look at “The Abduction from the Seraglio” on the occasion of the production of this work during Mozart Week 2018. Together, we will browse through the archives, delve into the story of a kidnapping, discuss the topic of abduction of women and learn more about an exciting love story.


8–18 years          … opera productions, concerts, symphonies, documentaries and much more …

Choose from a selection of 30,000 audio recordings and 3,800 films

Film | Duration: approx. 90–120 minutes

Workshops in the Research Department

Visits by arrangement


From 8 years
Wunderkind Mozart

Based on reports, narratives and biographical data about Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and his early talent, this workshop will guide the children through the individual areas of the Research Department of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg. During their exploratory tour, the young scientists learn that there are many new things to be discovered in books about the life and work of the Salzburg child prodigy. And perhaps not all the stories you hear about Wolfgang Amadé Mozart are true …

Duration 9-12 am
Place Bibliotheca Mozartiana, Viennese Hall of the Mozarteum Foundation


From 11 years
Take a break! The art of silence and pauses in music

Famous composers and music lovers know it: breaks in music are not simply holes in which nothing happens. On the contrary: taking breaks, making them and enduring them is an art. Through music, we will approach the phenomenon of time experience, tension and expression. How much time does a break need? How can pauses be filled with life in such a way that they have an organic effect? What can happen during a break?

Duration 9.30-12 am
Place Mozarteum Foundation, Schwarzstraße 26


From 12 years
Sherlock in the archive

A musical thriller about sources: In this workshop, schoolgirls go on a search for clues through the archives of the archdiocese, searching for sources, texts and images. Not only musical collections from the 17th century to the present are kept here, but also important musical sources by Wolfgang Amadé and Leopold Mozart, both of whom composed for the liturgy at Salzburg Cathedral. On the basis of various types of musical sources (autograph, transcript, facsimile) we will work out how sources are stored, catalogued and digitised, how they can be dated and what else they tell about music history.

Duration: 9 – 12 am


The DIALOGE invite students to engage in dialogue with Mozart: one class each of Sek I (11-14 years) and Sek II (15-18 years) has the opportunity to work as composers. Mozart’s spirit provides the necessary inspiration to initially compose his own canons. These will then be premiered at the international festival DIALOGE.


Different places will be played in a kind of roundtrip. The pupils are supported by instrumental professionals who also make musical contributions. The texts of the canons can also be prepared and produced for specific projects in other subjects such as German.


The composer Helmut Schmidinger, professor at the Graz University of the Arts, teacher of didactics and methodology of composition and music theory, heads the two composition workshops at the respective schools.


If that sounds interesting to you, we don’t need money from you, but time.


For 11 to 18 year olds


Composing workshop DIALOGE

Each class meets 4 times for 2 lessons in the respective school before the presentation. The presentation is the culmination of this extraordinary project. Only one class of Sek I and II can participate. The acceptance of the bid will take place after receipt of the application.


Monday 25.11. to Thursday 28.11.2019


Friday 29.11.2019


Helmut Schmidinger


Registration and information
Antje Blome-Müller
Phone +43-662-88 940 23

Mozart Week 2020

Dates by arrangement


From 14 years


Students of the University Mozarteum – Department for Music Pedagogy – develop concepts to make schoolgirls curious about the musical offerings of the Mozartwoche.


In the Mozart Week 2020, interested school classes will be prepared for a visit to the production of “Messiah” or a concert.


Duration 3 to 4 school hours + concert visit
Cost of youth ticket fee for attending a concert


In cooperation with the University Mozarteum

Information and fees

Information and registration for workshops in the Research department and DIALOGE and for the Mozart Week 2020:
Sven Werner
Schwarzstraße 26, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
43-662-88 940 29,



Information and registration for Mozart’s Birthplace and Mozart Residence and Mozart audio and video collection.
Maria Erker
Getreidegasse 9, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Phone +43-662-844 313 91
fax +43-662-840693



Workshops in the Mozart Museums
For school classes aged 6 and over
Workshop fee € 83,-
in addition to admission to the museum: € 3,- (€ 4,50 combined ticket for both museums)
One accompanying person for every ten pupils free of charge


Special workshop “Advent calendar” € 3,- per pupil


Workshops at the Mozart audio and video collection
For school classes aged 6 and over
Workshop fee € 83,-
One accompanying person for every ten pupils free of charge


History laboratory:
1,5 hours € 83,- / 2 hours € 90,-
Minimum number of participants: 10 persons


Workshops on topics of the Research department
For school classes 8 years and older
Workshops free of charge


Workshops as part of DIALOGE 2019
For school classes at lower and upper secondary level
Workshops free of charge


Workshops in the context of the Mozartwoche 2020
For school classes aged 14 and over
All workshops in the context of the Mozart Week 2020 are connected with a concert visit. The ticket fee is € 10,- per pupil.


Mozart Audio and Video Collection
Film screenings for groups free of charge
Film screenings for groups possible in the morning after registration
free entrance