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Great Hall

The „Great Hall“ (Großer Saal), with its unique ambiance and ornate splendor, is suitable for concerts seating up to 800 visitors.

The excellent acoustics enhance concerts with soloists, chamber music ensembles or even large orchestras with programs ranging from classical to light music. The special ambiance gives every event a festive and exclusive atmosphere – whether for a product presentation or a shareholder’s meeting.

Since May 2010,  a new organ, the Propter Homines Organ, has graced the Great Hall of the Mozarteum Foundation.


Concert seating: ca. 800 visitors


Located between the „Great Concert Hall” and the „Viennese Hall“ is the intermission foyer complete with a buffet and direct access to the “Bastion Garden” where guests can enjoy a view of the Mirabell Gardens from the terrace and experience “a taste of Salzburg”. The spacious foyer, where the cloakroom and staircases are located, is one of Salzburg’s architectural jewels and serves as the entrance to the “Great Concert Hall”.

The Mozarteum provides well-equipped side rooms and an excellent infrastructure. The „Great Concert Hall“ is wheelchair accessible, there are two wheel chair places and an elevator. Our experienced staff will offer you professional support in planning and managing your event.

Viennese Hall

The Viennese Hall is suitable for chamber concerts up to 200 persons as well as seminars or gala dinners for up to 100 persons.

This jewel was built at the same time as the “Great Hall“with same exclusive ambiance. The Viennese Hall is suitable especially for chamber concerts, seminars, festive dinners and exclusive presentations.

The concert seating in this hall is variable; the number and arrangement of chairs is according to wish. The Viennese Hall is ideal also for joint utilization with the Great Hall and the Bastion Garden for larger events.

Concert seating: up to 200 Persons
Dinner seating: up to 100 Persons
Stand-up reception: up to 200 Persons