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Effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Mozarteum Foundation

Current impact:

In accordance with the decree of the Federal Government to protect against the spread of the corona virus, the planned seasonal concerts and guided tours of the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg will not take place until the end of June 2020. Alternative dates will be agreed upon.


Tickets already purchased remain valid for the alternative date. The date will be announced as soon as the authorities allow the holding of events again.

Holders of concert tickets should contact the ticket office of the Mozarteum Foundation. During the regular opening hours Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the ticket office can currently only be contacted e-mail:



Will I get my money back in case of an official cancellation?
Tickets already purchased remain valid for the alternative date. We will provide further information in good time.

We will also inform you about news on our Facebook page:

The Province of Salzburg provides up-to-date information on a page specially set up for this purpose:

The province of Salzburg also keeps its citizens up to date on Facebook:


General information on the corona virus in Austria: 


Are there current corona virus cases in Salzburg?
There are currently a few cases of the corona virus in the province of Salzburg.  For current information about the spread in Salzburg, please click here:


Is the journey to Salzburg and the SalzburgerLand questionable?
No. According to the current state of affairs, a trip to the Salzburger Land is not questionable. The province of Salzburg and its health facilities have taken all precautions and are prepared in the best possible way. In general, the Austrian health care system is considered one of the best in the world, and the experts in the institutions are able to deal with challenges such as these.


Is it possible to arrive and depart without any problems?
Yes, all regions in the SalzburgerLand can be reached without restriction by car and train. Air travel to and from Salzburg is also not subject to any restrictions. In the Salzburg holiday regions, regular operations are currently running.


What should I do if an infection is suspected?
If you have a serious suspicion of an infection in yourself or in your immediate surroundings, please contact the health advice centre directly and exclusively by telephone within Austria at 1450.


How do I protect myself from an infection?
A quick overview of how to avoid an infection with the corona virus – but of course also other diseases such as seasonal flu – can be found in a graphic of the province of Salzburg. This can be downloaded free of charge in German and English at or


Precautionary measure:

Personal hygiene
Regular hand washing (up to behind the wrist) with soap and water and, where possible, with subsequent hand disinfection (at least 60% alcohol).
Important: Hand disinfection (the same applies to surfaces) is only effective if surfaces are dry and clean beforehand and the alcohol can dry out (approx. 1 min.).
Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes Sneezing/coughing in the crook of your arm and single use of disposable handkerchiefs


Contact with third parties
Do not shake hands when greeting.
Close contact (< 2 metres) with people with acute respiratory diseases should be avoided wherever possible, regardless of their origin.
Furthermore, the social distance of one meter should be maintained.


Suspected infection
If a corona virus infection is suspected (after the incubation period, the symptoms are often similar to the flu: nausea, tiredness and fever, followed by a dry cough), the affected person must stay at home and should not go out in public. A doctor or health care institution must be contacted immediately.


Subject “Masks
Wearing simple hygiene masks does not reliably protect healthy people from infection. The viruses are so small that they can enter the upper airways through the mask paper when inhaled.
However, in the case of sick people, hygiene masks can significantly reduce the spread of the viruses.


Further useful and helpful links:

Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection:


Federal Ministry of Social Health: Information in English about the coronavirus


Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs: Country specific travel information


World Health Organization


We hope to be able to welcome you soon again in our concert halls.

Thank you for your understanding, your cooperation and stay healthy!