Mozart Week

The Drama

Jan 26, 2024
7:30 PM
Salzburger Landestheater
Jan 28, 2024
7:00 PM
Salzburger Landestheater
Feb 03, 2024
3:00 PM
Salzburger Landestheater

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  • Andreas Gergen (Staging)
  • Christian Floeren (Staging)
  • Aleksandra Kica (Costumes)
  • Rolando Villazón (Dramaturgical advice)
  • --
  • Aaron Röll (Wolfgang Amadé Mozart)
  • Sona MacDonald (Antonio Salieri)
  • a.o.



Drama in two acts (1979) by Peter Shaffer
In German with English supertitles (German by Nina Adler)

45 and 30 minutes before the performacne: Introduction in the foyer (in German language)

This new production together with the Salzburg Landestheater during the Mozart Week aims to present a contemporary image of Mozart for 2024. 40 years ago Peter Shaffer’s play, brilliantly turned into a film by Miloš Forman, revolutionized our image of Mozart.  For the first time Mozart is here demystified, and again transfigured as a genius, while also being celebrated as a pop star of his age.

A production of the Salzburger Landestheater in cooperation with the Mozart Week

Tickets for the performance on Jan. 28th are available at the Salzburger Landestheater.