Season Concerts

Apertura: Havana Lyceum Orchestra /
Wilson / Sokolov / Ivanovic

Sep 27, 2024
7:30 PM
Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation, Großer Saal
Pillar or wheelchair space

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Keri-Lynn Wilson


  • Havana Lyceum Orchestra
  • Keri-Lynn Wilson (Conductor)
  • Valeriy Sokolov (Violin)
  • Jovica Ivanovic (Accordion)
  • Rolando Villazón (Compere)


Dimitri Bortniansky
Suite from the opera Alcide

Javier Álvarez
Metro Chabacano
Version for strings orchesta

Arturo Márquez
Danzón No. 2 
Chamber version with harps and piano

Violin concerto in A K. 219

Vladimir Zubitsky 
Omaggio ad Astor Piazzolla

Everything is interwoven: The Chabacano metro station in Mexico City, which inspired the composer Javier Álvarez to create his fleeting imaginary cityscapes, is just one of a number of remarkable stops in music history that the opening concert puts in the spotlight. In the early 19th century, Mozart's son Franz Xaver brought Lviv's musical life to bloom. The opera Alcide by the Ukrainian-Russian composer and Mozart contemporary Dimitri Bortniansky was performed there at LvivMozArt in 2018. Accordionist Vladimir Zubitsky, on the other hand, paid homage to Astor Piazzolla. Living international understanding!