Heavy Saurus - Pommesgabel Tour 2024

Oct 13, 2024
2:00 PM
Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation, Großer Saal

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  • Mr. Heavysaurus (Vocals)
  • Milli Pilli (Keyboards)
  • Riffi Raffi (Guitar)
  • Muffi Puffi (Base)
  • Komppi Momppi (Drums)


A spectacle for the whole family. The result: sold-out halls, a great atmosphere and happy rockers of all ages. And at home, the songs from the two albums "Rock'n'Rarrr Music" (2018) and "Savior of the World" (2020), which also go down well with parents, are playing on a continuous loop.

"We've always been keen to teach children to enjoy rock music and heavy metal," explains singer Mr. Heavysaurus. "We are happy when we can offer some little fans their very first concert experience! Everyone in the band has loved live music for, well, 65 million years. It's great when our little friends enjoy it just as much." The "real" Tyrannosaurus Rex adds with his usual self-confidence: "And of course we want to win the hearts of all metal fans. Parents, grandparents and older siblings will also have fun with us. The Pommesgabel Tour will be an experience - we promise. A big word of honor from Dino."

For parents: the concerts take place in the afternoon and at an appropriate volume. And don't worry: the dinosaurs won't bite.