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Lausch Concert

Oct 14, 2023
4:00 PM
Stiftung Mozarteum, Wiener Saal
Wheelchair space

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Ensemble Radau & Co


  • Ensemble Radau & Co.:
  • Musiker des Havana Lyceum Orchestra


For children from 4 years

Anniversary concert:
15 years of Lausch concerts

Dreihoe über d’Alm her
Un paseo musical por la montaña

Monika wants to go to the mountain pasture with her friends for the very first time. She has dressed up and packed everything she needs for a trip. But wait, is she really wearing the right shoes? And then there's the matter of the suitcase. But in the end, the Radau & Co. ensemble has everything they need to make the trip to the mountains a success. With lots of music and dance, the journey takes them past lush mountain pastures, in the mill they grind flour together with the audience, the hunter with the Büchs' also wants to see the dairymaid, and in the Krapfenwaldl the most beautiful birds sing. On the way, they even meet musicians from far away.

The concert will be repeated on 17.3.24 (without Havana Lyceum Orchestra)