Mozart Week

Mozart Quiz

Jan 29, 2025
8:00 PM
Stiftung Mozarteum, Wiener Saal
Feb 01, 2025
6:00 PM
Stiftung Mozarteum, Wiener Saal
Wheelchair space

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Iberacademy Orquesta


  • Jon Parnell (Quiz master)
  • Musicians of the Orquesta Iberacademy Medellín


What did Mozart like to eat most of all? Why did Bach have to go to prison? Do you recognize K. 525 just by hearing the first two bars? The triumphant quiz-master Jon Parnell poses tricky questions in a pub quiz (very popular in Handel’s favoured country of residence) all about Mozart and composers who influenced his creativity. Lots of fun and a challenge for everyone, with live music.

Quiz in English. On request, questions and answers are possible also in German.