Mozart Week

Sausage Amadé Mozart mit Musicians of the Orquesta Iberacademy Medellín

Jan 28, 2023
10:15 PM

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  • Musicians of the Orquesta Iberacademy Medellín


Celebrate à la Mozart: Enjoy specially created sausages and a "cool brown drink" or two in the unique ambiance of the Stiegl cellar above the rooftops of Salzburg's old town. You can expect a special kind of get-together with musical surprises from musicians of the Orquesta Iberacademy Medellín.

"... at 3, we three repaired to the stieglbräu to watch the skittles ..." (*)

*) Entry in the journal of Maria Anna Mozart, 24 August 1780, in the hand of her brother Wolfgang

Euro 75,- incl. drinks, sausages and more
(there is a limited number of tickets)