#kleinePause Mozart

With #kleinePauseMozart, the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation presents itself from the diverse Mozart cosmos. Since the two Mozart museums and Salzburg’s most beautiful concert halls are closed until further notice, the Mozarteum Foundation will now increasingly use digital media to provide a little distraction with the fascination of Mozart. From now on, the #kleinePauseMozart offers exciting reports, background information and information about Mozart on a daily basis.

For children, you will find a lot of information and material on #WegezuMozart

Letter from Wolfgang Amadé Mozart to Maria Anna von Berchtold zu Sonnenburg, June 2, 1787

Today 233 years ago, on 28 May 1787, Leopold Mozart died

How many trips did Mozart make during his life?

the mozarts travel

come and visit the mozarts

Mozart and his "Vogel Staar"

11 May 1768

Mother's Day

Who is behind the wonderful illustrations around the Mozart Week?

Both Mozart and his sister Maria Anna never attended school

Opera buffa

From Salzburg to Maria Plain

KV 2

Social life in the 18th century

Ariane Haering & Benjamin Schmid - THE VIENNA RECITAL

"Oeuvres complettes" from 1798 - Edition with piano pieces by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart