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Mein Stein für Mozart - linke Seite Stein aus 1910 und rechte Seite Neuauflage 2021

My Stone for Mozart: Already 150 pieces have been sold

150 supporters already want to become part of the renovation project


From the history of the diverse activities of the citizens of Salzburg to finance the Mozarteum at the beginning of the last century, the Mozarteum Foundation is also now offering all Mozart lovers the opportunity to become part of the renovation project and immortalise themselves in the Mozarteum. Inspired by a campaign for the laying of the foundation stone, anyone interested can take part in “My Stone for Mozart” by contributing a € 1,000 building stone to the renovation project. The campaign is limited, each donor will receive a newly designed decorative marble stone as a memento and, if desired, will also be honoured by having their name inscribed on a plaque in the Mozarteum. All proceeds from the campaign support the renovation of the concert halls. Since the campaign began in autumn 2020, 150 stones have already been purchased by Mozart lovers from Salzburg and all over the world.


‘All supporters of our challenging building project deserve our heartfelt thanks! The particular success of the ‘Stone Campaign’ shows how much people from near and far are connected with the Mozarteum Foundation. This is by no means a matter of course in such difficult times as we are currently experiencing! Of course, we also look back on our old interval foyer with nostalgia. But at the same time we are looking forward to the new, to MORE SPACE FOR MOZART and thus more space, more joy and enjoyment of art for all of us,’ says Johannes Honsig-Erlenburg, President of the Mozarteum Foundation.