Mozart Week

Family concert:
Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Feb 01, 2025
11:00 AM
OVAL - Die Bühne im Europark
Wheelchair space

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accio piano trio


  • Dominik Jan Milewski (Baritone)
  • --
  • Clemens Böck (Violin)
  • Anne Sophie Keckeis (Violoncello)
  • Christina Scheicher (Piano)


Works by Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Pärt a.o.

Fairy-tales and punch – in fact quite a good combination for staying awake. Our Wolfgang Amadé should certainly not fall asleep because by the following morning he has to have written down the music for the overture to his opera Don Giovanni in time for the premiere. Constanze tries her best but sooner or later Wolfgang Amadé is overcome by sleep.  In his dreams he meets former masters and music from a long time ago. Will he be able to finish his overture in time? A concert lasting one hour for the entire family. 

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