Youth Programme

Piccolo Concert 2: Forget-me-not

Mar 23, 2023
11:00 AM
OVAL - Die Bühne im Europark
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  • Die Schurken
  • Martin Schelling (Clarinet, Acting)
  • Stefan Dünser (Trumpet, Acting)
  • Goran Kovacevic (Accordion, Acting)
  • Martin Deuring (Contrabass, Acting)


Recommended for 1st-4th grade elementary school.

The four old friends have already experienced so many things together! For some time now they have been living in the luxurious senior residence, bored and longing for more. One of the friends has fallen ill and his memories of recent events are sketchy - sometimes he even no longer recognizes his friends. Together they make a decision: they want to get out of the retirement home and back into the thick of life. Adventure is calling! Off to Panama, Shanghai, or what was that country called again?

With a commissioned composition by Marcus Nigsch

In cooperation with Bregenz Festival, Lucerne Festival, Kölner Philharmonie, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Aktion Demenz Vorarlberg, Demenz Liechtenstein, Land Vorarlberg