Mozart Week

Salzburg - Lviv: Mozart for Solidarity

Feb 05, 2023
3:00 PM
Mozart Ton- und Filmsammlung
For the time being, only counting tickets can be reserved for this concert. A direct booking on the seat is currently not possible.
Mozart Ton- und Filmsammlung


Documentary by Oksana Lyniv takes place (in Ukrainian with English subtitles).

The music documentary "Lviv-Salzburg: Mozart for Solidarity" is a cooperation between the International Mozarteum Foundation (ISM) and the LvivMozArt Festival. Recordings for the project were made at the historically very significant sites, the Mozart Museums and the Mozarteum Foundation. Well-known Ukrainian musicians performed the works of Franz Xaver Mozart (the younger son of W.A. Mozart) and his pupil Julia von Cavalcabò on Wolfgang Amadé Mozart's original instruments, as well as on other historical instruments. Not only is the unifying power of music a key element of the documentary. The MozArtLviv team also provides insight into the harrowing world of war and shows how the lives of the Ukrainian people changed forever from one day to the next.