More Space for Mozart

Neugestaltung Großes Foyer Außenansicht Abendprojektion


Follow the renovation project of the Mozarteum Foundation and regularly receive news and interesting information about the progress of the project.


Since the renovation is taking place during ongoing operations, you can also find out about the current situation of the concert business here. In February 2021, extensive construction work has begun in the courtyard of the building. Concerts in the Great Hall will be temporarily suspended. In order to enable the events of the 2021 Salzburg Festival and the 2022 Mozart Week, construction work will be interrupted twice for several weeks. The festive reopening of the Mozarteum with the new Great Foyer is planned for summer 2022.

Gruppenfoto Pressekonferenz Umbau Stiftung Mozarteum mit Floeckner, Honsig Erlenburg, Marx, Debuch und Schnoell
Start der Umbauarbeiten Stiftung Mozarteum Großes Foyer
Mein Stein für Mozart - linke Seite Stein aus 1910 und rechte Seite Neuauflage 2021


Mozart Week '21
Salzburg Festival '21
Mozart Week '22
Opening in June '22
Mein Stein für Mozart - Marmorstein mit Glasfassung
My Stone for Mozart

Drawing on the history of the manifold activities of the citizens of Salzburg to finance the Mozarteum at the beginning of the last century, the Mozarteum Foundation would like to give all Mozart friends the opportunity to become part of the reconstruction project and at the same time support the renovation of the concert halls in this important project. Exactly 110 years ago, the foundation stone for the Mozarteum was ceremonially laid with Lilli Lehmann in the presence of Archduke Eugen, who accompanied the three hammer blows with the words „Mozart in honor, Salzburg in adornment, a place for art!“. All guests received a marble replica of the foundation stone as a memento of the ceremony. Revitalizing this idea, anyone interested can participate in the reconstruction project via „My Stone for Mozart“ with a building stone for € 1,000 and thus become immortalized in the Mozarteum. The campaign is limited. Each donor will receive a newly designed decorative marble stone as a memento, and will also be honored on a plaque in the Mozarteum.


It is also possible to make smaller donations, which we will gladly honor.

The Grand Foyer

The design of the Grand Foyer impressed not only the jury at the international architectural competition in 2018: „The winning project convinces with a concept that opens up the space between the existing buildings to allow for natural light and scenic views, while atmospherically integrating the historical facades into a new ambience. In addition, all requirements were convincingly met and additional new scenarios for the Mozarteum were created,“ said the jury, chaired by architect Marie Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs, explaining the unanimous vote for the project by the Salzburg team of architects Maria Flöckner and Hermann Schnöll.


The new Grand Foyer on the second floor is 170 m² in size, sufficient for a sold-out Great Hall with around 800 concert visitors. From here there is still a connection to the Bastion Garden.

Entwurf Neugestaltung Großes Foyer
Skizze Fugenkonzept im Großen Foyer
Concept of a connecting space

A house wants be connected in a new way – this is the vision of the architect team Flöckner-Schnöll. They see the new intermediate wing as an instrument for creating this connection:


„Creating a connection through openness is a paradox – the connection of the concert hall with the Mozarteum School, the connection of the city with the Mozarteum. The structural instrument for this, a walk-in spatial structure made of glass and steel that allows light to flood the city – and it opens the space to the city.


The openness of the joint space is preserved by integrating important spaces with various other key points in the historical structure. The ‚walk-in‘ instrument can thus become a place of encounter on light-flooded levels, allowing the wandering visitor a perspective of the open structure“.

Barrier-free and connecting

In open connectedness, the Large Foyer creates a usable connection between the two parts of the building, which were previously only connected by the small break foyer. For the first time, direct access from the administration and school wing (Schwarzstrasse 26) to the concert wing (Schwarzstrasse 28) is now possible, thus allowing the Vienna Hall to be used for concert rehearsals and performances without any disturbance.


In the future, the installation of an additional elevator will enable barrier-free access to the entire building, especially for the first time to the level of the Viennese Hall and the first floor with the rehearsal rooms in the administration and school wing. An innovative energy and air-conditioning concept provides sufficient ventilation in the Grand Foyer and ensures pleasant temperatures in all seasons.

Entwurf Neugestaltung Großes Foyer zwischen Verwaltungstrakt und Konzerthaus
Miniaturmodell Neugestaltung Stiftung Mozarteum
The Bastion Garden

The Bastion Garden will be better integrated into the event schedule through improved access from the Grand Foyer via a glass bridge as well as through the new staircase from the lower foyer. In addition to a more intensive use of the garden for events, the opening and improved connection to the new part of the building also offers the opportunity to integrate the adjacent Heckentheater into the concept with the new infrastructure.


Current discussions with the City of Salzburg are aimed to relocate the Magic Flute House for optimized accessibility for visitors, to restore the Heckentheater, and to enable a connection with the Bastion Garden.

Renovation of the concert halls

In addition to the unique atmosphere surrounding the events in the Mozarteum, the musical experiences will continue to fascinate visitors in the future. Both the Great Hall and the Viennese Hall will use the reconstruction phase to carry out necessary revitalization measures and to get the concert halls ready for the future. This includes in particular: new seating, an optimisation of the lighting situation, cleaning of the Propter Homines Organ and the installation of state-of-the-art technology. With the modernised Mozarteum, Salzburg will have one of the most modern concert halls in Europe from summer 2022.


Support the renovation of the concert halls and become part of the project. Anyone interested can participate in the renovation project with a € 1,000 building stone from „My stone for Mozart“ and thus immortalise themselves in the Mozarteum. There is also the possibility for small donations, which we will gladly honor. You can find more information here:

Bild des Konzertsaals Großer Saal in der Stiftung Mozarteum