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Intendant Rolando Villazón

Since 1956, the Mozart Week has set standards for Mozart interpretation by the world’s greatest musicians, to become the most renowned Mozart festival in the world. As much as he turned out to be a visionary, creating his own musical language, Mozart was fundamentally classical, constantly looking back to form an ideal synthesis of present, past and future.

It is in that same spirit that the Mozart Week will refocus, concentrating on Mozart, and Mozart only.
Over the coming years, we will explore all the facets of Mozart and bring them together in a celebration of one of humanity’s dearest friends. A celebration which both brings us the finest Mozart performances of our time and allows us to engage with Mozart’s playful side.
A celebration, too, that includes and engages the city of Salzburg and invites everyone to join in the festivities.

Mozart Week
23 January Thursday