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Kids & Schools

Maria Erker

Getreidegasse 9

Tel:+43 (0) 662 844 313-91

A day in the life of Mozart

Special tours and workshops are offered for kindergarten groups and school classes. Through fascinating anecdotes, original objects and music, young visitors experience more about Mozart’s life and legacy. In combination with this program, it is possible to experience live music performed on a historical piano forte.






Guided Tours for Kids & Schools

Everyone knows Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and his Birthplace in Salzburg. But, what is behind the facade of the building Mozart once lived in? Children, families, teenagers and the young at heart are invited to walk in the child prodigy’s footsteps.
The Mozart Museums offer a diverse program for all age groups. Children age seven and above are welcome to experience a lively museum-visit using the brochure “Ways to and with Wolfgang Amadé Mozart”, which includes entertaining clues to inspire looking and thinking.


Mag. Maria Erker
Tel.: +43 (0) 662 84 43 13 – 91

Guided Tours Mozart's Birthplace

Mozart’s Birthplace
Visits by arrangement


3–6 years            Mozart – The Early Childhood of a Genius
Guided tour       Duration approx. 60 minutes

250 years ago Salzburg was home to a boy who would soon become famous all over Europe. How old was he when he played a violin for the first time? Did he go to kindergarten and school? What was his favourite drink? And is it true that he composed his first piece at the age of six?


6–11 years         Mozart – Living and Growing Up in Salzburg in the 18th Century
Guided tour       Duration approx. 60 minutes

How long did Mozart live in Salzburg? How big was his family home? Did he have his own bedroom? Did he go to school? Is it true that he could play the piano blindfolded? And what did his first self-written music look like?


6–11 years                         Advent Calendar
Special workshop            Duration approx. 90 minutes

45-minute action-packed tour for children of the Mozart family home in Mozart’s Birthplace at Getreidegasse 9, followed by a group activity making a class advent calendar in the shape of Mozart’s Birthplace. The calendar then belongs to the class and can be taken to the school.


6-15 years          Christmas with the Mozart Family
Special guided tour         Duration approx. 75 minutes

The Mozart family lived in Salzburg 250 years ago. What was Christmas like in those days? Did they also sing carols in front of the Christmas tree? Did they have advent calendars for the children? This dialogue tour answers questions about what everyday life was like in the 18th century and reveals many details about how the Mozart family lived.


8 to 18 years, age-adapted     Mozart’s birthplace – a house full of stories!
Guided tour

The yellow house in the Getreidegasse is now world-famous for having made the birthplace
of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart. It is but also a typical old house of the
Salzburg’s city center, full of exciting stories. Together we wander from the cellar to the roof of the house and
learn the most hidden corners of an 800-year-old house.

10 to 14 years                      Mozart – more than just Salzburg
guided tour
Mozart lived for 17 years in the Getreidegasse. Soon after his move to he left the city on the other side of the Salzach.
What became of him? Where did he go, which People were important to him? A leadership that is more than “the prodigy”
Duration approx. 60 minutes

Guided Tours Mozart Residence

Mozart Residence
Visits by arrangement


7–13 years         The Mozart Family in Private
Guided tour       Duration approx. 90 minutes


In 1773 the Mozart family moved into the Dancing Master’s House. What was life there like? Learn more about the celebrations, tours, concerts and family life of the Mozarts. See original instruments, books and pictures and experience the splendour of the grand hall.


7–15 years         Nannerl Mozart – Between the Piano, Church and Home
Guided tour       Duration approx. 90 minutes


Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart, called Nannerl, was more than just the sister of a child prodigy and genius: she was also a daughter, musician, piano teacher and herself a prodigy on the piano. And much, much more …


10–14 years                       Hair Salon-Café
Workshop                          Duration approx. 90 minutes


What did the women in Mozart’s day do in their leisure time? Easy: they met at a friend’s house for a hair salon-café, where they played games, styled their hair and drank coffee. In this workshop, participants get to feel just like the wealthy ladies of those times as they spend a pleasant hour with coffee, hairstyles and hand fans. Of course, there are also exciting stories from the life of Nannerl Mozart and her friend Katherl.





Guided Tours Audio-visual collection

Mozart Audio-Visual Collection
Visits by arrangement


3 years and up
“A Little Magic Flute”
A performance by the Augsburger Puppenkiste

Film | Duration: 60 minutes


3 years and up
The Magic Flute
Animated film by Emanuele Luzzati

Film | Duration: 50 minutes


6 years and up
The Magic Flute for Children
Performance by the Zurich Opera House

Film | Duration: 60 minutes


6 years and up
Mozart’s Magic Flute
An opera guide for children

Film | Duration: 60 minutes


6–11 years          Mozart and Film
Workshop          Duration approx. 2 hours

The Mozart Audio-Visual Collection contains more than 3,700 films about Mozart and his music. A morning full of puzzles, games, films and music in the Mozart Audio-Visual Collection located at the Mozart Residence.


12 years up          Little Amadeus
Animated series by Winfried Debertin

Film | Duration: 25 minutes per episode


12 years and up                Amadeus
Film about Mozart’s life by Miloš Forman

Film | Duration: 150 minutes


12 years and up                Wolfgang
Three-part feature film about Mozart’s life by Juraj Herz

Film | Duration: 90 minutes


12 years and up                Great Composers: Mozart
Documentary by Francesca Kemp

Film | Duration: 60 minutes


14 years and up                History Lab: Mozart – Preserved?
Workshop          Duration approx. 1.5–2 hours

Mozart died almost 260 years ago. For more than 120 years, people have been recording his music in order to preserve it for posterity. This History Lab is an opportunity to explore historical media such as shellac records, wax cylinders and perforated rolls in the Mozart Audio-Visual Collection, to learn more about them, how the earliest recordings were preserved, and how it is done today. The ultimate question is: how would you record music today so that it can still be heard in 120 years?


14 years and up                History Lab: Women in Mozart’s Time
Workshop           Duration approx. 1.5–2 hours

Three very different female characters are referenced to develop different images about the everyday life of women in Mozart’s time. What outlook did women have 260 years ago in terms of education and life? Letters and diaries of Anna Maria Mozart, Nannerl Mozart and Constanze Weber provide insight into those times.


14 years and up                History Lab: Mozart Reception History
Workshop           Duration approx. 1.5–2 hours

This History Lab aims to identify and figure out the questionable nature of depictions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We compare images from museums with representations in films from the Mozart Audio-Visual Collection from 1909 up to today. In particular, this History Lab poses the question of how the “Mozart stereotype” has changed over time.


Mag. Stephanie Krenner
Tel: +43 (0) 662 883 454 81

Mozart Museums Prices

Mozart Museums – Prices

Workshops in the Mozart Museums for school classes from the age of 6
Workshop fee € 83, in addition to the museum admission fee: € 3 (€ 4.50 combined ticket for both museums)
One accompanying person free per 10 pupils
Special workshop “Advent Calendar” € 3 per pupil

Workshops in the Mozart Audio-Visual Collection
For school classes aged 6 and up
Workshop fee € 83
One accompanying person free per 10 pupils
History Lab: 1.5 hours € 83 / 2 hours € 90
Minimum number of participants: 10 persons

Workshops for school classes on topics of the Scientific Department
For school classes aged 8 and up
Workshop free of charge

Workshops during Mozart Week 2021
For school classes aged 14 and up
All workshops during Mozart Week 2018 are in combination with a concert. The ticket fee is € 10 for concerts in the concert halls of the Mozarteum Foundation and € 15 in the Festival halls.

Mozart Museums admission

In parentheses: Combined tickets for Birthplace and Residence
Children under 6 years: no charge
6–14 years: € 3 (€ 4.50)
15–18 years: € 4 (€ 6)

Family – 2 adults with children under 18 years:
€ 21 (€ 36)

Students up to 27 years:
€ 8.50 (€ 14)

€ 11 (€ 18)

School classes: € 3 (€ 4.50)
One accompanying person free per 10 pupils. Each additional accompanying person: € 8.50 (€ 14)

Tour packages

for a school class or approx. 30 persons in addition to the museum admission fees:
in German € 59
in EN, FR, IT or ES € 70
All tours can also be booked in combination with the Salzburg Museum’s city walk “Mozart Backwards”
Price: € 1.50 per child
EN adventure guided tour: € 70 package fee plus admission

Mozart Audio-Visual Collection

Screenings for groups at no charge

Screenings for groups possible in the morning on request

Free admission