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Original manuscripts, early printed editions, modern editions of scores and writings on Mozart in every known language: the Bibliotheca Mozartiana is the world’s largest library specializing in the life and works of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart.


The online catalogue (OPAC) lists all of the printed books, articles and scores in the library’s holdings as well as a complete Mozart bibliography. Works that have already been digitalized may be accessed directly via a link.

The online catalogue lists the following holdings:

– modern and historical books and journals
– the Mozart Bibliography (books and articles on Mozart)
– the collection of historical librettos from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries relating to works by Mozart and other composers
– historical and modern editions of works by Mozart (practically complete); at present only a fraction of works by other composers is included here.

Works that are not listed in the online catalogue may be found via the library’s internal catalogues. The library staff will be happy to help you here.
Scores by composers that were acquired before around 1998 are listed in the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (Library siglum: ‚A-Sm‘)

Autographs & Manuscripts

Since the middle of the nineteenth century the Mozarteum Foundation’s most valuable holdings have been letters and documents as well as autograph scores relating to the Mozart family. The library holds more than half of all known documents associated with the family, including around 200 of Mozart’s original letters (he himself is the main contributor to 150 of these and one of multiple contributors in the case of the other fifty), around 300 letters written by his father Leopold and more than 100 autograph music manuscripts, most of them sketches and drafts of Mozart’s works in addition to autographs in the hand of Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart. The collection also includes scores, letters and other documents relating to numerous other figures from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. We are working hard to catalogue these holdings as part of various ongoing projects.
The basement of the building in which the Mozart family lived houses the vault containing these autograph treasures as well as an exhibition space that may be visited as part of special guided tours.

Bibliotheca Mozartiana digital

The Bibliotheca Mozartiana’s holdings are being systematically digitalized. Our aim is to grant free access to the priceless originals in the form of manuscripts, scores, books and so on in as simple a way as possible. To this end the portal “Bibliotheca Mozartiana digital” has been established. This helps users to locate the digitalized treasures and then to view them and, if necessary, to download them as pdf files.

Mozart Bibliography

The online Mozart Bibliography lists writings on Mozart from all over the world and is based on data from the Mozarteum Foundation’s Bibliotheca Mozartiana catalogue. It includes monographs, newspaper articles, reviews, electronic publications and concert notes that contain factual information relating to Wolfgang Amadé Mozart, his family and his circle.

Current projects


Full text databases available within the Mozarteum Foundation: 

The online edition of Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart

JSTOR Digital Library, Music Collection

The Mozart Collection of the Augsburg State and City Library (scans of printed music editions)

Other Useful Links

Dexter Edge and David Black (eds.) Mozart: New Documents

Mozart Society of America: Early Mozart Biographies Project

ANNO – Austrian Newspapers Online  (Austrian newspapers and periodicals from an earlier period)

Digital Auction Catalogues (1930–1945, Heidelberg University Library)

Online Bibliography of Writings on Music

An online edition of Robert Eitner’s Biographisch-bibliographisches Quellen-Lexikon der Musiker und Musikgelehrten

Hofmeister XIX (digitalized copies of Friedrich Hofmeister’s Monatsberichte from 1829 to 1900, including a full text search function)

RISM online (online catalogue of music manuscripts from all over the world)

Virtual Specialist Library in Musicology (Bavarian State Library)